“. . . Having has the opportunity through my 66 years to receive massage therapy, physical therapy, Rolfing, and Chriopractic manipulations, I've experienced both good + bad practitioners.  Julia is not only good but excellent.  She is completely tuned and highly sensitive to my body, feeling where the attention is needed, but always staying sensitive to her pressure + my response.  Always sad when the session is over.  She's incredible ."


Hood River

“. . . Working with Julia has been a wonderfully effective solution for my chronic neck pain. Not only am I experienceing less pain but she has given me tools to make these changes sustainable. I feel like a lighter person."



Hood River

“. . .Julia was wonderful to work with. She was exceptionally thorough with a keen intellectual & intuitive knack for puzzling out what needed to be done to most free and integrate my body."




“. . . Julia has offered me her healing hands through multiple marathons, stress of work, and kids. I have always felt comfortable, cared for and safe on her table. . . She really listens and is amazingly intuitive! She takes her cues directly from you and listens to your body.  Julia is always checking in with you, she asks for feedback and is very responsive in her methods of individualizing care. Julie is always offering suggestions for how I can help myself at home and she is open to ideas and interested to know what works for you. . . Thank you Julia, for always being there for me!”



Hood River

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