What should I expect to happen in my first SI session?


The first session begins with a conversation about health history, activities, and goals. I will then take a visual or postural assesment, of how your body is alligned while standing, and walking. I may ask you to breathe deep, and perform other simple movements. The majority of each session involves hands on manipulation mostly performed on a massage table, and some while sitting and standing. I will periodically ask you to stand up and move, this allows both of us to asses changes, and I can adjust my work as needed based on your body's responses.


What should I wear for a session?


For women, a tank top and shorts, underwear and bra, or a two piece swim suit. Basically something that will allow me to access skin for doing the work, but is enough coverage for you to feel comfortable. For men briefs, boxer briefs, or shorts. Boxer shorts are not recommended.


How many sessions are in an SI series?


 SI is performed in a finite number of progressive sessions.  It is goal oriented and is not designed to be used as ongoing therapy. My mission is to not just to help you sit, stand, move, and feel better, but to give you the tools to keep you feeling and moving well long term. I can design individual sessions or a short series of sessions to address your concerns. However, SI is most affective as a total body exploration. In the KMI model this means 12 sessions. Whatever your situation I will work with you to design a session, or series of sessions that best suits your needs.


After a series is over, should I return for more work?


After your body has had time to integrate and evolve after an SI series, many people find they wish to return for more work. Some people choose to do periodic tune up sessions, others may do another short series. You may decide to do more structural work following an injury, or if you are taking up a activity that places new demands on your body.


Does it hurt?


As a practitioner part of my job is to stay within your comfort zone. While the work can be at times intense, I would not say that it is painful. Early Rolfing had a reputation for being very heavy handed and painful. This does not reflect the work that I do.


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