• Oregon LMT license # 15822,

  • Washington LMP Credential # MA 60579999,

  • KMI Certified, BCSI (board certified structural integrator), and

  • IASI member


Continuing Education


  As a practitioner I am continually looking for the best ways to serve my patients, as well as add to my knowlege of the complex and fascinating human body. This is a process that never stops and it keeps me interested and good at what I do. Below is ever growing list of courses taken.

1/24/09 Pelvis, hip, and sacrum Til Luchau, Certified Advanced Rolfer (14hrs)

2/25/09 Neck, jaw, and head Til Luchau, Certified Advanced Rolfer (14hrs) 

9/12/09 Arm, wrist, and shoulder Til Luchau, Certified Advanced Rolfer (14hrs)

9/10/10 Spine and low back Til Luchau, Certified Advanced Rolfer (7hrs)

8/28/11 Advanced ilia Til Luchau, Certified Advanced Rolfer (7hrs)

11/4/11 Spine Ribs and Low back Til Luchau, Certified Advanced Rolfer (14hrs)

12/3/11 Whiplash Til Luchau, Certified Advanced Rolfer (14hrs)

4/1/11 Leg, knee, and foot Til Luchau, Certified Advanced Rolfer (14hrs)

4/3/11 Advanced knee issues Til Luchau, Certified Advanced Rolfer (7hrs)

1/20/12 Scoliosis Til Luchau, Certified Advanced Rolfer (14hrs)

Jan-Dec 2013 KMI Structural Integration training 500 hrs

6/22/15 Balancing the face Lauren Christman and Richard Polishuk structural integration educators 21hrs

1/16/15 Walking the lines: Anatomy trains, gait, and fascial effeciancy James Earls Structural integator, author, and lecturer 21 hrs 

2/26/15 Upper extremity Ron Murray, Doctor of Osteopathy (Canada), Certified Advanced Rolfer 24hrs

5/12/16 Biomechanical Algorithm for Pelvis & Low Back John DeMahy, Certified Rolfer 24hrs

11/18/16 Cervical, Rib, and Shoulder Algorithms John DeMahy, Certified Rolfer 24hrs

   I studied Massage Therapy at East West College of the Healing Arts and completed my program in 2008. There I was introduced to the idea of Structural Integration (SI) and had some wonderful teachers who inspired me in that direction.


  I established my Massage Therapy Practice in Hood River at the end of 2008. As I received my first SI series the idea that this is what I wanted to pursue was solidified.  I felt it helped me become the best version of myself at that time.


  The physical and mental shifts are things that continue to resonate and progress for me. When I had the opportunity to participate in the KMI training in 2013 I was ready for it. I became KMI certified, and board certified in Structural Integration through IASI (International Association of Structural Integrators) at the end of 2013.


  As a practitioner I love helping people find a level of comfort in their bodies that really allows them to live.  I love using my body to enjoy the amazing landscape of the Pacific Northwest whether that is hiking, biking, skiing, or simply taking a relaxed stroll through my rural neighborhood. 


To schedule an appointment call:

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