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KMI Structural Integration and Therapeutic Massage

Columbia Gorge KMI

Julia DeArmond LMT, BSCI

What is KMI

Columbia Gorge KMI and Structural Integration

Structural Integration (SI), based on the work of Dr. Ida P. Rolf, provides a thorough comprehensive path toward a more balanced and aligned body both physically and emotionally. It is a systemic approach for unwinding body wide patterns via the fascia or connective tissue that runs throughout your body. Postural patterns that may not be useful to us long term develop due to injuries, emotional experiences, gestural habits, and societal conditionings. SI helps you shed those patterns and find your potential for freedom and comfort in your body.


KMI stands for Kinesis Myofascial integration, and is the version or brand of SI developed by Thomas Myers. His map of Myofascial Meridians or continuities is the basis for this updated approach.


Hallmarks of SI include:

  • Less Pain (freedom from chronic pain patterns)

  • More Energy

  • Resiliency

  • Increased adaptability

  • A closer mind body connection

  • General sense of ease



columbia gorge KMI

Learn more about Structural Integration (More), Fascia and KMI (More).

"Form and function are a unity two sides of one coin"

~Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D.~

What clients say...

Having had the opportunity through my 66 years to receive massage, physical therapy, chiropractic manipulation, I have experienced good and bad... Julia is incredible

- Patricia

Hood River

Julia Was wonderful to work with. She was exceptionally thorough with a keen intellectual & intuitive knack for puzzling out what needed to be done to most free and integrate my body. (more)

- J.T.


Working with Julia has been a wonderfully effective solution for my chronic neck pain. Not only am I experienceing less pain but she has given me tools to make these changes sustainable. I feel like a lighter person. (more) 

- Amy

Hood River



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